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We detected suboptimal or unsafe practices on your website. Please see the list below for more details.

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  • Subresource Integrity (SRI) not implemented, and external scripts are loaded over HTTP HTTP Security Medium Details

    Subresource Integrity enables you to mitigate some risks of attacks by ensuring that the files your web application or web document fetches (from a CDN or anywhere) have been delivered without a third-party having injected any additional content into those files and without any other changes of any kind at all having been made to those files. Loading external scripts on HTTPS and Implementing Subresource Integrity(SRI) will reduce the risk of modification of file by third-party or attackers..


    Follow this guide to fix this, find the guide here.

  • Content Security Policy (CSP) header not implemented Header Security Low Details

    Our scanners were not able to detect Content Security Policy (CSP) header amongst the header returned by your site..


    Follow this guide to fix this, find the guide here.

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