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Is your site hack proof? Let's find out.


Website Blacklist Check

Google & other anti-malware engines often blacklist a website they find a security problem in. With one click Astra's blacklist checker scans 66+ such blacklists for you. Consequences of a blacklisted website include:

  • Google red warning page on the website
  • Emails being flagged as spam
  • Ads being suspended
  • Suspension of hosting account
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140+ Security Tests

The website security audit fluently tests your website for critical security vulnerabilities which could prove to be fatal. A few tests include:

  • Google Safe Browsing
  • Content Security Policy
  • Header Security
  • Cookie Security
  • CORS Tests
  • HTTPS Security
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Actionable Insights

Our website security scanner gives on-point actionable insights which you can follow within minutes. Get detailed description of the bugs found & steps to fix them.

  • Send PDF report to your developer

Free Malware Scanner

Our website malware scanner scans the scripts running on your website and detects malicious scripts. Get a detailed description of the malware and steps to remove the same.

  • Detect malicious scripts
  • Find hidden cryptocurrency miners
  • Check for card phishing scripts
  • Detect malicious scripts in your external dependencies
Scan for Malware